Haven't Been on Here in Like, Forever

Why this blog have been slient....

-School: when I graduate it supposed to be me going somewhere else, like Kennesaw State or the University of West Georgia. But instead, I have to take two math classes. I passed my first math class, and now I'm studying hard to pass this class so I won't look at math anymore.

-Dungeons & Dragons: For the past couple months, I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons (the table-top game) at a game store and I'm enjoying myself. I'm currently playing "Curse of Strahad" and it's really fun.

basically that's it. But slowly but surely I'm coming back on here when i have time.


Two weeks from now, I'm going to be done with test, done getting up at 6:20 just to go to math and sleeping a little late before I head off to my science class. Two weeks from now, I'm going to be a graduate who graduate on June 4th, and then transfer to Kennesaw State University so I can start my Major in English and a minor in possibly Mass Communications or French, I can't decide, but I'M ALMOST DONE-HAVE TWO (or just one, I don't know, I have to see tomorrow) but IM ALMOST DONE AND I'M SO HAPPY.


My Last Quarter at GMC....

Supposedly it's supposed to be this quarter and then I'm done.

But apparently, though I really don't think this, but I think the universe just wants me to stay there one more quarter before I offically graduate and transfer to either the University of West Georgia or Kennesaw State University (both are awesome schools and they have what I wanna do) but doing two classes-another math class and another bio class-won't stress me out a bit. Not once. Because lately I've been writing down everything I have to do in an old black journal I used to write in a long time ago and just write down what I have to do (even though I had an agenda with me to write down the homework as well) and I think this black journal I have is helping me pass, along with me doing the work, of course.

I know having these two classes might stress me out a bit, but I think I can do it because as my current teacher said, I am a very determined young lady to wants to pass my classes. And I will, because I don't wanna be in this school for one more quarter. I want to go on a big college campus and start to live my life to find out what I am. I love my parents and all, but sometimes I feel like I don't have a life at all. I love to read and all-I honestly escape through books-and I can save some money (have a Starbucks card that I have that have a couple bucks on it-haven't been to Starbucks in a very long time that's why) and I can wait on whatever it is I want. 
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I'm...I'm Passing Math

I know I did a post somewhat like this on my Wordpress, but I'm still shocked about it. I, Brittany, is passing math.

Math really isn't my strong suit in life-in fact, I took this same course 9 times. And every single time I take it, I WASN'T PASSING. Now this is my tenth time taking it and...and I'm passing. It's quite shocking to me, really, because every time I look at my grade, I see that it a B...a high B....and I'm happy and I'm proud of myself, even though I'm still shocked about it.